Commercial Emergency Disaster Planning

No company or enterprise is exempt from potential disasters. Even with meticulous planning, an emergency requiring restoration can render your facility non-functional, leading to financial losses and decreased productivity. A frequently neglected element of business continuity planning is the strategy for returning the affected area to its original state and ensuring the property's operations are fully restored. Luckily, AJ Development presents a tailored solution aimed at promptly resuming your operations while minimizing the costs associated with restoration. Our emergency preparedness plan secures your access to priority restoration services in the aftermath of a disaster. This ensures you have the comfort of knowing an experienced support team is ready to assist you.

Business Preparedness & Continuity Planning For Commercial Facilities

AJ Development proudly serves as your reliable coordinator for the Commercial Emergency Response Program. Upon joining, we initiate a comprehensive property inspection to gather essential information, enabling us to craft a tailored plan for effective disaster prevention and mitigation. In the event of an emergency, our team is well-prepared with the requisite tools, skilled staff, and knowledge to assist in your swift return to operations. As a participant in the Commercial Emergency Response Program, you'll receive prioritized restoration services in the case of widespread disasters. Reach out to us now to begin!

Minimize Disruption

By having a plan in place you are better prepared to respond to anytime of emergency in your facility. Of businesses who have a disaster, 25% never reopen. On top of that, one in five businesses spend no time maintaining their plan.

Priority Service

By signing up for our Emergency Response Program, you will receive priority service in the event of any disaster. Plan in advance, minimize disruption.